Tottenham Green farmer’s market

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter being on the go non stop for the last 2 weeks, I was really looking forward to having just one thing on my agenda today (apart from a lie in) and that was to head to the new Tottenham Green Market. It started last week and will be around for the next 6 weekends- including my favourite food stall, Sambal Shiok. Tottenham Green is just outside Tottenham Town Hall and the Bernie Grant Arts Centre-where all the food and produce stalls were lined up.


We bought some steaks from Marsh Produce and taste tested some olives from Pickles & Brine before taking away a generous portion of chilli olives with us. The Green was looking lovely- lush grass, loads of food stalls and a folk band playing some tunes. Definitely not the kind of scene anyone pictures in Tottenham- and that’s what I love! So much is happening around this area- we tried a new tapas place last week and it was great! There’s been new restaurants and shops opening and I hope this market is set to stay.


I headed to Sambal Shiok to get my Beef Rendang Burger fix and Rob headed to Burgatory and brought back this beast….


Whilst one burger was enough for me, the bottomless pit that is Robin went to get more food. I found him at Santana Grill ordering a burrito, and I sat on the grass and made friends with Moppet the Spaniel


He came over for a scratch before turning his back on me to chew his bone-the more I tried to tempt him with scratches and belly rubs, the firmer his butt stayed put. Well played Moppet- I will return to make you love me! I was full but there were so many other places I wanted to try.


Everything coming out from White Rabbit looked amazing, and I tried to talk myself into getting a steak sandwich from Beef & Liberty but then I reminded myself that I could return on another Saturday. If you live in the North London area, I really recommend paying it a visit! It’ll be around every Saturday until the 2nd August. You may find me there stuffing my face with melted grilled cheese…



Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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