When I was 14, I once printed the hook lyrics to The Message by Nas on my bedroom walls and my parents thought I was on drugs. True story. Ismay and I used to stay up until 4am just to catch our favourite songs on MTV- it was the 90’s and we used VHS tapes to record our favourite videos (pagers on the other hand existed and they were awesome) At uni, I made amazing mixtapes, my friends will vouch for that *right guys?…guys?…*  Anyway, there have been infinite kitchen dance parties in our house (although, party for one usually) Since my last post covered Life Lately, I thought, why not a Music Lately? This could also be called Songs I Dance to in The Kitchen or Songs I Shout in the Shower.

I heard this the song the other day and was like “Who’s that?” and to my suprise it was Ella Henderson, from the X Factor a couple of years ago. It’s got the same punchiness as Kelly Clarkson’s early days out of American Idol and is insanely catchy. The video has that whole sultry, sweaty, Southern gothic vibe happening, and a story- I love music videos with a story. You’ll be humming this for days. Plus it’s a great singing-in-the-shower song.

Of course, my favourite band had to be in here. But my favourite band covering one of my favourite songs? Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

Speaking of covers, Bluey popped into our Head Quarters last week. His cover of Justin Timberlake’s Take Back the Night is too good and we asked if he could put this back onto his youtube channel. It’s been on repeat on my playlist ever since- I’ll always have a soft spot for this video though!

And then there’s this. It’s not even a song, so it’s a bit of a cheat but I’ve been giggling to it all week.  I like Mick Jagger. I love David Bowie. But I think I love this musicless video even more. Musicless, yes! But…keep that volume turned up.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

4 thoughts on “MUSIC LATELY”

  1. Wooo Angela – love this idea for a post! I don’t listen to enough new music as I’d like, mainly because I’m a ‘boys with guitars’ kinda girl and for me certainly, the charts are lacking in anything I really like, but still fab post! x


  2. Gee, the waiting up and taping MTV, I totally did that too with my sister Meli growing up. I could write a whole list of bands I would not have discovered if not for that, some a little shameful (The Calling anyone?) and some that I still enjoy and that made me want to write music for myself (Something Corporate). Great post Angela and it’s just a little bit torture to have seen your posts now when I’m at work and I have to wait until this evening to check the videos out 🙂


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