Can you tell I’m completely in love with VSCO? It’s stolen my heart away from Instagram. Life lately posts are always one of my favourite reads on other blogs, and I’ve been thinking about introducing a new series to this place. I also want somewhere to put the random pictures I take from time to time, when I’m on the go. So, here it goes!


– Wandering around Theatre Land, in the back streets surrounding Covent Garden. I was so pleased I noticed this brick building with the black fire escape- very New York!

– Peekaboo selfies in the mirror at Aldwych station

– Lunch in the Soho sunshine with my favourite Brazilian beauty

–  A home cooked Polish dinner from Ismay’s Mum. I loved the pink peonies on the table almost as much as the beef goulash we feasted on!

– …and of course the ginormous bowl of berries we tucked into for dessert. Not pictured- the big jar of Nutella we spooned all over those fat strawberries. No evidence, no calories!

– Eating lunch in the scorching sun at Chelsea Farmer’s Market- the white washed picnic tables, chalets and trees felt like I was on a beachy holiday. I had the fattest tuna fishcakes and an iced tea and felt a million miles away from London!

–  I love this photo, I quickly took it before we stumbled into La Farola for lunch a few weekends ago. Scenes like this cements my love for North London, through and through!

–  An eery empty tunnel during our Aldwych tour last week

–  A rare chance to sit outside and enjoy the fountains at Somerset House over a cup of coffee and croissant. And being Somerset House, of course there was great people watching (spotted that Vivenne Westwood hat Pharrell has been superglued to recently)

– ‘sleb spot of the month! Noel Gallagher eating on his lonesome at Hix in Mayfair. I was in the middle of a client meeting and still managed to snap this on the sly. Sorry Noel.

–  Our neighbour’s cat, Patches. Watching her look for Leo the day after he died broke my heart all over again. She still comes to visit every other day…but that could just be the treats I leave out for her too!



Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

2 thoughts on “LIFE LATELY”

  1. I love the post, ‘life lately’ posts are just the best to read, I am just so nosy hehe, It looks like you have been having a jolly old time lately! Couldn’t agree more about VSCO, I have only just discovered it and I love it!


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