Tapas at La Farola

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou know what I haven’t done in a long time? The cinema. It’s been ages since we last went to the cinema- so, donning my favourite pair of sloppy jeans and raggedy t shirt, my hair Batisted to within an inch of its life, we headed to Islington to watch 22 Jump Street. It was everything I expected it to be. I love a bit of Tatum (but please, stop with the protein face) Another summer thing I love- when you come blinking out of the dark cinema and it’s still wonderfully sunny outside. Since eating a giant box of popcorn did nothing to curb our appetites, we figured that we would stop in somewhere on Upper Street to eat. It turns out, not alot is on offer at 5pm! As we turned the corner of Theberton Street,  we came across La Farola and their tapas menu lured us in, like a beacon of light in our hangry fug. I needed a mojito and some patatas bravas, stat!


All the tables outside were taken, but we squeezed into a cosy spot by the window and relived our Barcelona trip with an icy mojito. We ordered the gambas (twice), a fillet of beef, seafood paella, a plate of bombas, and of course, the obligatory patatas bravas. The prawns were thick and juicy and they were the best part of the meal. The fillet was tender and served with red wine sauce- lovely, even though peppercorn sauce is my jam. The bombas- fried mashed potato balls with minced meat- were good, but one was more than enough. The paella was loaded with mussels, clams and squid and the patatas bravas covered in the kind of tomato sauce that I’ve only managed to find in Spain. It was a brilliant meal! What a find! La Farola is definitely our new go to place for tapas.

For dessert, we split a plate of hot churros and a cream catalan between us. The churros were huge and piping hot- just like the kind you’d get fresh from a market stall.


There was a little pot of melted chocolate to dip the churros into and it felt really decadent- how a good dessert should be! As for the cream catalan, it was sweet and creamy and perfectly satisfying when cracking the caramelised shell of sugar with my spoon. I loved it- I’m a dessert person through and through.



la farola

La Farola is on the lower side of Upper Street, closest towards the hubbub of Angel station, just across the road from Nandos and the park. I would suggest booking ahead as the restaurant got really busy as we were leaving! Our meal cost £70 (but would have been alot less if we didn’t order extra plates of prawns)

La Farola

101 Upper Street, Islington,

London N1 1QN

Tel: 020 7359 7707

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

11 thoughts on “Tapas at La Farola”

  1. I looove tapas, this place looks amazing! Definitely on my go-to list!

    Becks xo


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