Brunch at Kipferl

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nce upon a time, my friend Luan decided that early mornings and brunch were the way forward- and I happily agreed. I know, ME, the world’s biggest fan of Sleep. But I didn’t want to waste a perfectly nice day lying in bed, so up I got and met her in Islington… where I found her sitting on a bench with the drunks from the night before.

Islington is one of my favourite pockets of London, the independent shops, cafes and bakeries on Upper Street always have me daydreaming about living there. Walking through Camden Passage, brought this longing back to me! We had brunch at an Austrian/Viennese cafe called Kipferl, and sat by the terrace soaking in the sun with our french toast drenched in maple syrup.


The french toast came with a tiny side of apple compote, and my coffee cup had a mini piece of Milka too- soo European. We got a prime spot by the terrace and my right arm got to top up it’s tan. The cafe was busy but not mental, however around the corner there must have been a queue of 50 people waiting to get into the Breakfast Club  (WHHHYY?!) After our indulgent breakfast, we had a quick stroll through Camden Passage and all the chintz and antiques for sale before plopping ourselves into the park to soak up the sun. I have serious house envy for anyone lucky enough to live off this street! Also, someone explain what those furry llama looking things are for!


Because having french toast and fruit in our bellies wasn’t enough, we headed back towards Camden Passage to see what else we could sniff out. Issy’s Milky Way looked amazing kitted out head to toe in 50’s vintage homeware and memorabillia. But, being lactose intolerant- I couldn’t have anything on their delightful menu. No milkshakes for me…

…which is fine, because that means more room for bubble tea! Just a few doors down is Brew Box, bringing Taiwanese bubble teas to the people of Islington. I had a watermelon fruit tea with tapioca pearls and split a chocolate cronut with Luan. I can’t go back to not having a scoopful of addictive, chewy morsels in my ice teas now. It was Brew Box’s first anniversary when we went in there, and I hope they’re around for more (p.s you remind me of the Jabbawockeez)


So there you have it! If you need somewhere new to explore, this place is an Aladdin’s cave of eateries and shops. Back to my wish-we-lived-in-Islington daydream…

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

5 thoughts on “Brunch at Kipferl”

  1. Kipferl is the only place in London where I managed to find Sachertorte, and your post reminded me I haven’t had it for a while. That said, your French toast looks inviting – now I want that one too, as well as the cake 😛


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