Macarons at Ange De Sucre

As I try to type this post, I am munching on the softest, gooeyiest, passion fruit flavoured marshmallow and it is marvellous. This lovely morsel comes from Anges De Sucre,  a newly opened patisserie specialising in the blogger’s favourite treat- macarons- as well as marshmallows, home made tea blends, coffees and hot chocolate (although after the blogger’s evening, I’m convinced watermelon martinis should make an appearance on the menu).






Tucked away in Kensington, you can’t miss the colourful shop. It’s been lovingly painted with the sweetest florals, birds and macarons on the outside, in the brightest of colours. Inside is a little mecca of macaron and marshmallow delights- it’s like the wonderful world of Oz, but with sweet treats.

There were macarons in the trees…


…in the plants…


…and garlands of macarons!


I had a chat with Reshmi Bennett, the owner and creator of this sugar explosion. Putting the banking world behind her, she’s been painstakingly piecing the shop together since February this year and you can tell that she is truly passionate about this place. She is literally the Queen of Macarons (and floral headbands!)



It was a really good chance to meet other bloggers too. It’s a strange but cool feeling meeting people in real life, despite having never met, you know what they’ve been up to in their lives!  I met Caroline, from Cocktails and Caroline (who rallied all the bloggers together, thank you!) , Angie from Silverspoon London, and the delightful Sophie from Your Girl is Lovely (we had matching leopard print shoes *fist bump*)


You can now find the new Anges De Sucre:

Address: 7-11 Minerva Rd, London NW10 6HJ

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

5 thoughts on “Macarons at Ange De Sucre”

  1. I have seen so many posts about this place, and you all make it look sooo worth a visit next time I’m in London! Lovely! B xx


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