For me, wearing white is a disaster. I’ll spill something on it or I’ll sit on a bench and smear pigeon poo on it (I speak from experience) If I wasn’t such a magnet for all the dust and dirt particles in the world, I would glide through summer wearing all white everything. Instead of the prints and graphics I’m usually drawn to, it’s the basics and neutrals that I’ve gravitated towards this year. These are my current favourites…with a print or two, of course…


 1)  All those years of watching The Breakfast Club and watching Bender’s fist pumping defiance at the end wearing his full length, grey trench coat must have subliminally planted into my head. I want a lightweight one that I could throw over anything. Zara have this clean, lightweight and unfussy coat that I must have. At once!


2) Ever since I saw Lovely By Lucy’s marble cases for her iThingies, I scouted some down to update my iPhone. My quilted cover was so 2013! Amazon have these cool beauties here


3) I’m always on the lookout for something that is smart enough for work but casual enough for me to still feel like myself- I spotted this cloud print dress by The Laden Showroom whilst browsing Asos. It’s sitting in my Saved Items for me to gaze at.


4) Ah. Now this odd little thing is from Zara. And it’s fugly. But…but..I kind of like it! It reminds me of a Stella McCartney sweater I saw on Matches once- lots of weird embroidery on a sweatshirt…I can go along with that.


5) I’m sort of falling in love with Nike AND with & Other Stories, so it’s no surprise I like these. The Pegasus trainer is sold out on the Nike website, but there’s a few sizes left here.


6) I’ve always had a soft spot for Stussy. I can’t decide if I want one of these basic tanks in red as well- it would be one of those things I would wear to death with everything, even to bed!


7) I’m sorry, I do like to throw a leopard print shoe into my lists. I just seem to always be on the hunt for the perfect one! Topshop Kooper slip ons are pretty much everything I was looking for!


8) Just Female is another brand I discovered on Asos. They’re from Copenhagen and have the Danish cool nailed down to a tee. This dress is everything I want for summer!



Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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