What’s New?

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]reetings from my new place of work! I’m by a big bright window which is amazing because sunshine  and it’s always good to be able to match my shoes with  the surrounding architecture. I thought I would try a little series for the everyday things that happen. Apart from settling into a new routine with the new job (which has been so cool) this week I have been:

Reading: The Light of the World by Tara Brown. After reading World War Z I was overly zombiefied and I needed something fluffy to read. This book is the start of a trilogy and it’s a really easy story to follow. It’s aimed at the Young Adult audience, but honestly I enjoy reading that genre because it’s a lovely guilty pleasure. The whole love triangle thing set in a supernatural or post apocalyptic world is right up my street. Or in this case- angels, demons and witches.

Eating: Since I’ve been settling into work, I put my hand up and say that food at home has been effortless…in a pick up the phone and order food kind of way. As of next week, when things are more normal, I’ve promised to get back into cooking! I’m looking forward to lots of salads and roasted chicken. Saying that…my tongue is salivating at this meatball recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

Wearing: anything apart from my winter coat. Hello sunshine.

Watching: now that the Walking Dead has wrapped up this season, I’ve been catching up with True Detective. I love seeing Matthew McConnaughey in such a bad ass role! Rust Cohle is Ice Cohled. I can’t wait to see how the next series goes with the all new characters. Although it would also be bittersweet because I love the dysfunctional partnership between Rust and Marty.

The weekend is here! Hope you all have gorgeous weekends. I’m off to work on the whole balance and posture thing….


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

5 thoughts on “What’s New?”

  1. Wait, wait – did you say series two of True Detective is happening? That would be amazing, though, like you say, all new characters will make it a very different thing. But I’m still giddy at the prospect!


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