paint it black

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith a day free, I finally got round to checking off another To-Do on my never ending list of home improvements. Last time, I repainted the kitchen to update it. This time round, I was determined to give our living room a spruce up! I had it in my mind that I wanted to paint the feature wall, with the defunct fireplace,  a rich, deep black and so I took the plunge.


Here is the Before photo featuring the ceiling light that Robin and I have been arguing about for 5 years. We both hate it but can’t agree on what to replace it with. And so it stays while we are in ugly light purgatory. The previous owners of the house painted the walls in here a light sagey green/grey, which was so subtle it didnt really bother me. I had painted the feature wall  Dulux’s Perfectly Taupe a few years ago- a lighter variation of the Dusted Damson I was a fan of! I was on a mission to cover everything in a fresh bright coat of white paint- something fresh and clean!



Here’s the first coat of black paint and the first coat of white paint. I used 2 coats of black paint to make sure I covered the entire wall- I wanted a really opaque finish. It was easy, I finished the wall in a little over an hour. The main walls, however, were a different deal. It took me three days. Three loooooong days of painting 3 coats of white paint all over the walls. I suddenly remembered why I had put it off for so long. I wanted to throw the roller out of the window by the end of it.



And here’s the AFTER! I’ve still got a few bits to go. The radiator needs to be repainted and so do the skirting boards- my arch nemesis in this house-to match the all white look I want. Honestly, magnolia paint should be banned from production! The previous owners were mega magnolia fans AND of gloss. Yikes! In the meantime, I am loving my mini makeover- So fresh, so clean!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

7 thoughts on “paint it black”

  1. My gosh – it looks magnificent. I was slightly concerned when you said you were painting it black but it makes for a beautiful feature! And I TOTALLY agree, magnolia is eeeeeeeeviiill! X


  2. Wow! what huge difference that made! I love it so much more! I’m actually painting my hallway wall this weekend from a light cream to a dark brown to hang huge black and white pics on it!
    great blog post!


  3. HOLY CRAP! That looks awesome.
    I have to admit, I’m reading along thinking… eh, I don’t know, that’s a bold choice. But, WOW! It looks absolutely amazing, and painted like a pro.

    Our rental home is painted this awful white/beige hybrid, but it’s yellowed over the years… and we can’t paint. Needless to say it looks great next to my white furniture.
    What is it with people and gloss paint?


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