an easy breezy sunday

The sunny, Spring like weather we were spoiled with over the weekend was amazing. I put aside the To-Do’s and the chores, PUT ON A DRESS (without tights!!) and hopped on the bus to meander my favourite neighbourhood…

The Hasidic Jewish community in our neighbourhood were out in full force celebrating Purim. All the little kids were in fancy dress and we drove past this open topped bus full of happy revellers.


We took a shortcut through Abney Park, a well known old cemetary and nature reserve. Plenty people were about, taking photos or just hanging out in the sun. That was a little odd…it’s a sunny day, let’s go hang out by the gravestones….anyway. We walked towards the old Abney Park Chapel, that’s derelict and covered in lots of creeping ivy. Very Tim Burton-like! We walked back onto Church Street, dotted with pink cherry blossoms, and sat in The Rose and Crown pub for a Sunday Roast and maybe an IV of gin and tonic.


A meander around Clissold Park- even the deer were out sunbathing-and then home for ice cream and strawberries.

Sunshine, food and a nap. Perfect Sunday to be honest. What did you do this weekend?

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

5 thoughts on “an easy breezy sunday”

  1. I love Abney Park and am completely fascinated by it’s sister cemeteries. I live by Nunhead Cemetery, in South East London and it’s a great place for people to walk dogs. Also, Amy Winehouse filmed her Back to Black video at Abney Park.

    That roast dinner looks boom too! Great post x


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