Fanatic in the Attic

After spending the whole afternoon wandering Kew Gardens, and treating ourselves afterwards to a slap up meal at the fancy establishment that is KFC, we made our way to Hackney Attic for a friend’s birthday. Besides being her birthday, it was also a battle of the bands with a twist- the theme was Michael Jackson vs Prince. What a toughie!


Hackney Attic is on the 5th floor of Hackney Picturehouse- it’s a pretty nice venue with lovely round windows overlooking the town hall. Everyone was in some form of fancy dress to show off their allegience. Perhaps wearing my favourite The Strokes tee wasn’t such a good idea! There were definitely more visible Michael Jackson fans than Prince ones. I saw lots of single handed gloves and sequins! There were a handful of performers and each one had to sing a song from each pop star- the cheers of the crowd determined the winner!


The Birthday girl then went up and sang one of my favourite Prince songs, I Feel For You. I tried to take a video, but you know…the perils of being short.

You can listen to more of Bonnie’s songs on her Youtube channel.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONNIE! you were awesome!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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