Strike a pose at Kew Gardens

It’s been a pretty busy weekend! The day had been marked in the diary for weeks for my sister Amelia to take some portrait shots of Ismay in Kew Gardens. We struck gold with the weather- it wasn’t too cold, the sun was shining and there were bursts of colour everywhere. It really felt like Spring! Which makes my heart swell, because I am OVAH Winter. Or, it could just be a lack of Vitamin D.

I got to play photographer’s assistant for the day, holding up light reflectors, and…that was the extent of my help. I spotted what I thought was a cute cottage on the grounds, but was in fact the toilets. We had a picnic lunch in the sunshine in one of my favourite places. Lush!








We walked all over from the Japanese gardens to the Redwood tree grove. I love that part of the Gardens, it smells lovely and screams of Narnia! Here are some of the snaps that Amelia shot- how amazing are they?





After a day of frolicking in the Gardens, Ismay and I may or may not have stopped for KFC before stopping by at the Hackney Picture House for a friend’s birthday… I think I’ll save that for another post. All this sunshine has put me in a great mood! Hurry along Summer…


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

5 thoughts on “Strike a pose at Kew Gardens”

  1. Wow beautiful scenery and your sister looks so lovely in these photos! And let’s be honest, I would rather live in a place that looks like Narnia ANY DAY!


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