Dinner at Thai Square

I blame my upbringing in the Far East for my weakness for any cuisine from South East Asia. Luckily, my friend Ami knows where to get the good stuff! Thai Square- with branches all over London- has really good, delicious Thai food. This week, a group of us went to the Trafalgar Square restaurant and got down to some serious grubbing. Warning- food heavy photos ahead!


We ordered lots of dishes to share between the six of us because food envy sucks, and besides I love sharing food out over the dinner table- plates going back and forth over the table, rogue forks picking up one more morsel…it’s the good kind of chaos. So with 6 people sharing, there were a lot of starters to be had. We had the soft shell crab with mango salad, grilled king prawns and scallops, and fried golden sacks filled with minced prawn and chicken.


The have a fun cocktail list, served in huge glasses. Mekhong Iced Teas and Sex in the Jungles were drunk- mine looked and tasted like a melted ice lolly, which is fine with me to be honest as I have the Mother of all Sweet Tooths (teeth?) The rest of of our meal arrived soon after. We ordered some coconut rice, lamb shank Mussaman curry, spinach with ginger and garlic, duck with tamarind sauce and grilled pineapple, black cod with sweet chilli sauce, and a bowl of delicious Pad Siew noodles.

Dessert is my favourite part of a meal- I always save room for it. We ordered a classic Thai dessert- mango with sticky rice! Slices of Thai mango with coconut cream drizzled lightly on top, over a bed of sticky, pandan flavoured rice. Thai Square use pandan leaves to colour and flavour the rice for this dish to put their own tasty little spin on it. We followed it up with Coconut ice cream with sweetened slivers of pineapple, papaya and sticky rice,  sprinkled with crushed palm seeds and cashew nuts. Then as all good things come in threes, we had a mango and coconut ice cream pudding with strawberries.  I rarely use the word but I feel it deserves to be used here, dessert was EPIC.


It. Was. Beautiful. I could eat that mango and sticky rice everyday. It was so beautifully presented, I stole some of the decoration and put it my hair. As you do.


The menus are printed with the Thai alphabet that Ami tried to teach Ismay…ummmm. Tried.


Full and happy, we left but not before I snapped this. Nelson’s Column peeking out the top and not one but two red double decker buses…now if that isn’t a pretty little London scene, I don’t know what is.

This branch of Thai Square overlooks Trafalgar Square, on the corner of Cockspur Street in Norway House. If you’re lucky enough to live close by one of their other 16 branches, please…order a Mango and Sticky rice for me!

Thai Square

21-24 Cockspur Street,


Tel: 020 7839 4000

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

5 thoughts on “Dinner at Thai Square”

  1. I’ve never tried a Thai dessert before but that mango and rice looks delicious so I will have to try next time 🙂 Also, really really like your blog layout Angela – good work! xxxx


  2. oh i haven’t been to Thai Square in so so long – Thai food is one of my absolute favourites, and i promise i’ll get the mango and sticky rice when i go next time! x


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