I love a pop of red. It brightens up any outfit! I’ve got countless red shoes, handbags and enough red lippies to fill a MAC store.  Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, I suppose I’ve gravitated towards the colour more than usual!


1)  I’ve been meaning to take more packed lunches to work with me but every tupperware I find is just so bo-ring! I fell in love with this lunch box because it looks like a mini Smeg fridge- retro sandwiches for all! It’s less than £10 and you’ll be the hippest cat in the office.


2) Everyone should have a handy tote bag- my pick is this sleeping fox one from Society 6 for £13. I dont think I could bear to use it, it’s too cute!


3)  Some people coo over fancy cars or jewels. Nope, not me! Unless you put me in a Kitchenaid shop. THIS BLENDER IS AMAZING. It’s also £165, eep. If you have it, send me a photo so I can live vicariously through you.


4)  Ahh, the prettiest tea set in all the land. You could pour your daily cuppa from a gold spout! It’s a hefty £68, thanks for nothing Anthro! Although, if you factor in cost per use…bargain surely?


5)  I have a few baking ideas floating around in this big old head of mine. This Spring, I’m going cookie crazy and this anchor shaped cutter is the first on my hit list!


6)  I’m in LOVE with the new Painterly Rose series from Cath Kidston at the moment. This rolling pin needs to come live with me to pretty up my kitchen. It’s £20 and Cath Kidston are also offering postage for £1 at the moment- quick, go!


7)  Can you tell I’ve got Spring on my mind? I can’t wait to get outside to have picnics and snoozes in the sun. These hedgehog mason jar mugs will keep the bugs out of your lemonade! It’s £15 to bring out your inner hipster.


8)  I’m pretty sure that if I had a cookie jar as cool as this, I would never touch a biscuity treat again. Honestly. Hah.


9)  The Paris Sketchbook by Jason Brooks is the prettiest book that will ever grace your hands. Jason’s book guides you through Paris through his sketches, collections of old postcards, and collages of this gorgeous city. It’s so chic and I dare you to not crave a coffee and a croissant in Le Marais afterwards…c’est tres jolie!



Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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