Our new sofa arrived

Hooray, our new sofa arrived today! Exciting times, my friends. Five years ago, when we moved into our flat we were a litte bit overexcited at the idea of a brand new corner sofa in our new pad. We had moved from a little studio flat in Central London, to a one bed garden apartment and we were going to have SPACE! However,  when it arrived it was a lot bigger, browner, and well, boat-like than we had imagined. It was massive. But man, was it comfortable. Many good sleeps have been had on that old sofa! After awhile, when that almost-neon-but-not-quite green on the sofa cushions were making me twitch, I ordered new ones from Bemz. Boy, are they a god send! I bought gray stripey cushion covers and the brown and green ones pained me no more. I love Bemz- you can choose loads of different fabrics and patterns to recover your old IKEA furniture. I’ve used them to recover our Hendriksdaal bar stools and a footstool. The shipping time is pretty decent as well, as they’re made to order.

 Anyway, the time came when we realised our boaty sofa’s time was up. The sale on Made.com was just too seductive to pass up. We picked the 2 seater Flynn sofa , and then placed an ad on Gumtree to sell the old one. Before I knew it, someone was driving off with her in a van, heading towards a new life in Hoxton. We’ve been camping out on the floor like hippies, Leo looking at us with accusing eyes that we made his giant bed disappear.

And then this morning, this arrived….


WE HAVE SO MUCH MORE SPACE! It’s passed the comfort test and I *think* Leo approves, he just sniffed it, flicked his tail and walked away. I feel like…a grown up, you guys.

I’ve read reviews that anything from Made.com takes ages to arrive- we only waited three weeks. I guess it depends how in demand an item is, as they only go into production when they reach a certain number of orders. The delivery arrived within the 3 hour time slot we were given, so really no complaints. Now-it’s time for a little sofa nap!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

15 thoughts on “Our new sofa arrived”

  1. Oh my it’s adorable and quite classy, if I say so myself. I can see how the boat-sofa was super comfy though. We currently have hand me down furniture…ah the newlywed years. It’s not perfect but it keeps us from the hippie stage that I’m sure we’ll visit soon. Anyhow, yay for the new sofa and many happy sittings to you, haha.


  2. That couch is really nice! 🙂 I love the colour. The brown boat-sofa looked a little out of place haha. At least now your new couch goes with the rug and the photo on the wall! Maybe a couple of yellow pillows would go well on it, to match that yellow pitcher on the fireplace. xx


  3. This is the dilemma we’re in, big corner sofa, comfy, but takes up so much room!

    This is such a gorgeous sofa though, might have to check out made.com.


  4. i’ve had good experiences with Made.com – they have a lot of sales and they give you £10 off your first order! would def reccommend them.


  5. I love this sofa – it looks perfect in your space! – I’m looking to purchase something similar, I was just wondering how it was holding up? Does it keep its shape? Is it comfortable? (Sorry for the barrage of questions! My significant other thinks it’s too boxy but I think it’s fabulous and cosy!)


  6. Hi Kate!

    I’m happy to report that the sofa is holding up well! It’s kept it’s shape and it is comfy- not as comfy as our old one, but that’s because our old sofa was basically a giant L shaped bed- I don’t regret it buying it at all. Ours is the 2 seater but in hindsight we should have gone for the 3 seater as we definitely have the space. There’s room for me to nap on it (but I’m only 5’4!) We get loads of compliments when friends come round. Would definitely recommend it!


  7. Love your blog! you are soo adorable!! and that couch anything tufted im obsessed! I would love to advertise our blogs together! Im a newbie and just started blogging any help would be appreciated 🙂


  8. Hey! Great piece! we just moved house and love the look of the Flynn sofas… my question is, is it soft and comfy? Like snuggle in and watch a movie, or are they a bit hard and stiff?


  9. Hi Cara!

    It was hard and stiff at first, it took a while for the padded seat to soften up but it’s fine now. I’m often snoozing on it under a blanket! This is the smaller version and is good for one person to stretch out on- we should have gone with the bigger size as we did have room for it after all- but apart from that, no regrets!


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