Harringay Market

I’ve been meaning to visit Harringay Market forever so when I woke up this morning and it actually wasn’t raining for the first time in about a gazillion years, I rolled out of bed, straight into my duvet like parka and made the short trip over.



Harringay Market is every Sunday from 11am-3pm and held within the grounds of South Harringay Junior School- just off vibrant Green Lanes and a short walk from either Manor House or Harringay Green Lanes station. The whole street food and market scene is booming in London and this one didn’t disappoint! It very much draws a local crowd- it would be wonderful if more people sat up and took notice of it.

I had one sole mission whilst visiting though and that was to try the burger at Sambal Shiok– I first noticed them on Twitter. They sell Beef Rendang and Chicken Satay burgers sandwiched between lovely, glossy brioche buns. Brioche? check. Malaysian food tugging at my heart strings? Check. It had to be done! I ordered the Beef Rendang burger with a carton of Sugar Cane juice, which cost £7.50 altogether, grabbed a spot and waited for my precioussss to arrive.



Oh. My . Days. That burger tops my list of all time amazing eats! The beef rendang was tender, perfectly accompanied by the tanginess of the pickled cucumber and onion. The sambal chili spread on the bun gave it just a lovely little spicy kick. The brioche buns are locally sourced too, from Flourish Bakery based in Tottenham. I want to give this burger a standing ovation, I wish I had brought an extra one to take home!

While I was busy at Sambal Shiok, Robin was queueing at Bleecker St Burger for his favourite bacon and cheese combo…


We ate in silence, both in our own happy meaty little bubble. Gobble time over, it was time do a little grocery shopping at the produce stalls! We bought some venison patties, smokey bacon, chicken wings and fresh eggs at Marsh Produce. The eggs were so fresh, they had just been laid yesterday at their farm in Kent- thank you hens! Next time, I’m buying some sausages too. Everything came to about £11. At the next stall over we bought fresh sea bass fillets and a generous sized portion of King Prawns- the sea bass fillets were only £2 each and it was £6.50 for the prawns- easily triple the quantity (and quality) than you’d find  in a supermarket. We are going to be eating well this week!


Kalopsia Coffee make a mean Americano and were clearly fans of Johnny Cash…we should be best buds! We made one last stop before heading home and that was to pick up some macarons from The Crumbery. We picked 6 flavours for £5, so I chose: banana milkshake, nutella, pistachio, lemon, cappucino, and my favourite one- Peanut Butter and Jelly! Because we couldn’t make up our mind, they threw in a Fresh Mint and Chocolate one as a freebie! These macarons kicked Laduree’s ass.


I look forward to spending more Sundays at the market. There were lots of other stalls we didn’t have the chance to try (lack of stomach space to be honest!) so next time I can’t wait to try the fresh pasta at Pasta E Basta or a wood fired pizza from Peel & Chimney. For tonight’s dinner Robin is cooking steamed sea bass with ginger and spring onions and tomato King Prawns- bring on the venison burgers next week!



Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

5 thoughts on “Harringay Market”

  1. Ahhh Harringay market has been on my list for so long too! But now I HAVE to go after seeing that beef rendang burger, my mouth is salivating thinking about it! x


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