How to apply gold polka dot wall decals

Everyone has that area by their front door or hallway, you know the one.  The spot that all the keys, coats, spare change, sunglasses, or everyday junk that gets tossed aside. Our awkward shaped hallway felt a little unloved- it doesn’t get the best light, it’s too small to put anything useful there other than a cabinet my parents shipped back from Brunei ( I stuck an A3 sized print out of half moons onto the inside of the door,  because inside is a mess I don’t want to deal with yet!)

 I didn’t know what to do to make it a little bit cheerier- paint it? Wallpaper it? Then, whilst browsing through Etsy, I hit the jackpot. Wall decals! Perfect for a indecisive person like me. If they were a disaster, I could just peel them off! Now, I do have a weakness for polka dots. I decided on these gold metallic polka dot decals from Urbanwalls in their Etsy shop. I know, gold? metallic? What is this Behind the Candlebra shizz? But trust me, let’s go with it. A short while later, they arrived and tentatively I experimented and stuck one lonely polka dot on the wall where it’s been for the past 2 months! Until today…


With a roll of masking tape and a spirit level, I taped off lines to help guide where I was going to place the dots. I chose not to do a complete grid as I didn’t want it to look too ‘done’.


You just cut around the pieces, peel the backing paper and stick the decal on the wall. Give the sticker a rub to make sure the the polka dot is sticking onto the wall and gently peel it away. Repeat and continue. I mostly just eyeballed where I wanted the dots to go, and the taped off lines I made earlier ensured I stayed in a straight line.




Let’s have a Before and After shot:


It took me about 30 minutes to complete and certainly cheers the hallway up. Gold polka dots! I’m sure even Liberace would approve! And if a few weeks down the line, I decide I hate it- a quick peel off and we’re back to a blank canvas. What do you think?

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

23 thoughts on “How to apply gold polka dot wall decals”

  1. How simple(ish) yet completely effective! I love it! Fab that you can just remove it if you want to without damage too. Who needs expensive wallpaper anyway?

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    P.S. That picture of you at the top always makes me think of Stacey Slater from Eastenders!


  2. Love this! I’m in a rented place at the moment so I’m really keen on ideas that I can try safe in the knowledge that they’ll be easy to deal with if I move. This is just perfect!


  3. I am definitely considering this for my chimney breast when I move in to my new rental in August! thanks so much for sharing – it looks FAB



  4. what a simple yet perfect idea! thank you for sharing! (ps – re: the comment you left me – yes! i asked! he said he goes before bed so he never has to get up! crazy!)


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