During the winter, I tend to stick to neutral colours- lots of grey and black and if I’m feeling a littler ker-raaazy maybe a pop of red. I’m already on Summer Watch, every extra five minutes of daylight in the morning and evening is a MIRACLE! I’m looking forward to the day that I can ditch the neutrals and dress in an explosion of primary colours.


1) I love polka dots and Cath Kidston knows it. Can I have justify another bag? Yes, yes I can.

2) Over summer, I live in my Topshop x Kate Moss dress. I think this tile print shirt dress will be a strong contender for my affection!

3) More polka dots! This sweet cardigan is my favourite colour

4) I think by now, everyone knows how much I love a good sweatshirt. Forever 21 have this awesome Beatles one that I can’t wait to wear!

5) I saw a similar pair of these heels in Anthropologie. These are much cheaper! And red!

6) Ryan Gosling. Because. Ryan Gosling.

7) Tea dresses are another wardrobe staple I can’t live without when it gets warmer. New Look have this pretty red one that I can swish around in.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

6 thoughts on “CALL ME WHEN IT’S SUMMER”

  1. Haha definitely.

    ASOS sent me an email today about spring dresses, and I looked out at the rain and just felt so sad it’s not already spring/summer.


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