Taking on Parkland Walk

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] am thoroughly over this wet and dismal weather at the moment- can anyone remember what sunshine felt like? I was going through my phone photos and came across a set of pictures of Parkland Walk and had forgotten what a quirky escapade that was! Parkland Walk is a former railway line that is now a 4 mile local nature reserve that runs from Finsbury Park through to Highgate, up towards Alexandra Palace. My friend Luan, a fountain of knowledge of all random things, told me about it. So on a sunny Autumn day, we went for a stroll.


Who knew that just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the streets is this quiet stretch of woodland? The trail was mostly full of dog walkers, families riding their bikes or people like us just strolling through, but it was very pretty. We stopped at a disused railway station, perched on the train platform and ate our lunch in the sunshine.


Apparently, Parkland Walk is well known for random bits of street art, but apart from some graffiti on this archway, I didn’t really spot anything. But then again, my doctor also told me to get my eyes tested this week. It was so nice discovering this (non-creepy) pocket of woodland in my neighbourhood! There were some amazing views looking out over Highgate, and that’s where the trail soon ends. You suddenly pop out onto a road, next to the Boogaloo bar (which happens to be a favourite of mine!)


We spent the remainder of the afternoon in Highgate Wood…being serenaded by this fellow…


Like Forrest Gump, we just kept on going until we reached Alexandra Palace. Fulfilling our future destinies as eccentric old ladies, we stopped for tea at a little cafe in the park before making our way to Ally Pally itself.


I’m half tempted to tackle Parkland Walk again this winter, to put my red wellies to use. Anyone want to lend me their dog for the day?!

I’ve been quiet online lately- Leo had a slip back and was ill again for a few more days but seems to have perked up to his normal self again. We’re keeping our fingers crossed in the meantime. I’m also trying to move onto WordPress! I’ve been doing alot of tinkering with it and I almost have it looking the way I want before I import everything over from Blogger. With a little bit of luck, I should be good to go in the next week or so!

In other news…I’ve joined a gym. Cross trainers are the devil’s work!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

4 thoughts on “Taking on Parkland Walk”

  1. Oh dear, hope everything is ok. I don't understand the cross trainer feel like a right plum on it. Not that I ever go to the gym! I love walks when the sun is out hurry spring! Looks gorgeous, crazy how you can be in a city and there are places like this to discover- beautiful! Updating my blog buttons soon would Lv to put urs up. Thought I would ask first lol xx


  2. This walk looks fantastic! I wish i had encountered it while in the area, definitely looks like a great way to spend an afternoon, i shall add it to my list for when i next saunter south 🙂 xxwww.thelibrarian.co.uk


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