Hurray, a new year! Boo, it’s January and winter!

The only good thing about January are all the sales. To keep those post Christmas blues away, I’ve had a nice browse for all my favourite picks of the January sales…

1) First up is this lovely coat from Pins & Needles at Urban Outfitters, reduced to £30 from £135. That’s just insane. I especially love the faux fur collar.

2) These Bonny boots from All Saints are my favourite boots in the world. For someone who is hopeless in heels, these are still comfy to walk around in. They’re reduced to £99 from £165

3) This dress has been in my Saved Items Asos account for ages. It’s now £31.50, down from £45. I know, I know, another smock dress! But they’re so comfortable and still pretty enough to wear without looking like a slob.

4) Too-wit-too-woo! Stick an owl on anything and I fall in love with it. These stackable tea cups from Modcloth are so pretty and now about £13 thanks to the exchange rate. Squint your eyes and pretend that’s Hedwig painted onto them! Considering Modcloth is an American website, their shipping costs aren’t extortionate.

5) It seems I have a thing for skulls too! This iPhone cover from Alexander McQueen is now £70, down from £140. Snap it up quick, that’s a bargain for McQueen!

6) I don’t know or care what the fox says, but I do know this fox candle from Anthropologie is quirky and fabulous and reduced to £5.95!

7) I love this cushion so much, I wonder if I can sneak it into the house without Robin noticing…Reduced to £35 from the amazing Rockett St George.

8) I ADORE Zoe Karssen. Her bat print sweat shirts are her best sellers. This one from Matches is now £47 in the sale.

9) Another ASOS jobby- this time a clever old parody t shirt: PARTIER. Love it. Now £24.50

10) Not strictly a January Sales item, but a bargain nonetheless! I got these classic checkerboard Vans from Amazon for only £28.53. These babies are usually at least £47!

Have you got any sales scores? Give me a head’s up!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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