Sticks n Sushi | Covent Garden

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or a birthday treat, Ismay took me to Sticks n Sushi- a recent addition to the tourist hub that is Covent Garden- but don’t let that put you off! Nobody can churn out effortless cool like the Scandinavians can! Like the window says, Stick n Sushi is a sushi and yakitori bar with a Nordic touch. You get delicious portions of sushi alongside sticks of meat- how very East meets West. Although quite a chain in Copenhagen, this is it’s second restaurant opening in London. The restaurant is dimly lit, the table are covered in leather ( I KNOW!) and apart from the adornment of bamboo here and there, the overall theme leans towards the Nordic side.

sticks-n-sushi-cocktail- me

Because it was a birthday treat, because it was a rainy Tuesday, and just because we could, we ordered big cocktails. Their list of cocktails was Japanese influenced- lots of shochu and sake. I ordered the Hutaro- passionfruit, apple and rum. It certainly gave me a big old kick. It took awhile to get through the menu- so much choice! We chose the Table for 2 option in the end- it was a good balance of sushi and errr sticks of meat…


The sushi was fresh and the tastiest I’ve had in a long time. The side of Ebi bites we ordered were crispy and I could taste the juicy prawns inside. Once we had scarfed the sushi down, the sticks arrived…oh meaty my…


The chicken breast with chilli dip had a nice, creamy kick and the chicken tsukune was totally moreish- the sauce it was covered in needed to be licked off the plate. Damn being in a public place! The bacon wrapped asparagus, I could have done without, but the sea salt and lemon drizzled edamame beans was a nice end to the meat fest.


Mmm, delishash meatballs! Doesn’t the guy behind me look like David Cameron? I once had to work an event that David Cameron was speaking at and instead of clapping the audience just went YAHYAHYAH or NAAAY…just like they do in the House of Commons. It’s up there with the most bizarre things I’ve had to witness.


We couldn’t not have dessert. We shared the Four Taster, to get a little taste of everything. Also, CREME BRULEE.


Mini pots of: chocolate fondant with hazelnut and caramel brittle, green tea ice cream with dark chocolate, white chocolate with sweet miso and popped rice, and finally, glorious vanilla creme brûlée. The creme brulee was my champion, but Ismay preferred the chocolate fondant with it’s warm gooey centre. The popped rice with the white chocolate had a weird texture and the green tea ice cream was a little too strong. I usually love green tea ice cream because of it’s subtlety but this was green tea on steroids. Not for me!

We both agreed we’d return. Overall it cost £79- for all that food AND dessert AND a gorgeous cocktail each for two people. Pretty good in my book! Big thumbs up.

I love that post dinner walk, where you feel full and cosy and ready for a snooze. It was a lot quieter when we left the restaurant and we took advantage of the deserted square to snap a few shots…



Sticks n Sushi is on Henrietta Street, just around the corner from this lovely scene…

Drool over the photos in the menu here!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

8 thoughts on “Sticks n Sushi | Covent Garden”

  1. i'm intrigued by this place! i'm always on the lookout for good japanese/fusion places in london and this is one i am definitely wanting to try. sounds like a great evening! x


  2. This place looks good! I am intrigued by the two different influences in there too.I'm surprised you didn't much like the bacon wrapped asparagus, that sounds like a winner to me!Oh dear god, I hate it when they caw at each other like when they do the weekly televised parliamentary debates. Just makes me cringe!


  3. I admit I wasn't too thrilled by the sound of it but as soon as I got there and the food came, I was definitely won over! The bacon-asparagus combo was too dry for my liking- but the chicken sticks, mmmMMM!


  4. Hi Angela. I came across your blog when googling reviews on Sticks n Sushi. There I was admiring your food pics, browsing your homepage and reading your about blurb. When I realised, it’s Anglea, from Westminster Uni! It’s been a little while but I was the Chinese girl that hung out with Rekha and Fizzy. Just wanted to say hello and good job on the blog. Ann x


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