Continuing with my all white interior obsession, here are a few things my eagle eyes have spotted for the home!

A nautical themed shower curtain, something I never knew I NEEDED IN MY LIFE until I came across it!

2)  In reality, all my tea towels are stained, bobbling, and mismatched but if I was…oh Nigella maybe, I would have adorable little black and white labrador tea towels to mop up spills and dry the dishes whilst making up inappropriate food descriptions

3)  A. Skull. Doorstop. So badass, I can’t even form a sentence.

4)  We put our Christmas tree up yesterday, but these gold and silver glittery polka dot baubles reaaallly want to make a home on our tree, I just know it.

5)  A white parrot cushion. It wants to be best friends with my pink flamingo cushion.<

6)  A globe! I love a good globe. Our current one has a massive dent in Australia. This all white one is it’s cooler, older cousin.

7)  Along with tealights, I can never leave IKEA without putting one of these sheepskin rugs in and out of the trolley a million times. So cosy!

8)  Speaking of cosy, this icy grey and blue throw from H&M would be the perfect replacement for the battered blanket that Leo has claimed. Also, I saw a girl wearing it as a sort of shawl and I never got over it.

9)  Robin is obsessed with plants. He keeps sneaking them into the house and it drives me crazy. I wouldn’t mind if they were in a pretty pot like this!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London


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