a Fortnum & Mason treat

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]midst all the crazy holiday cheer that December stirs up, sometimes its good to have a time out. My friend Luan and I met up for dinner at Fortnum and Mason, for a special little treat and also…they’re so Christmassy, you can practically hear the sleigh bells the moment you walk through the front doors!


Initially I had booked us into the Gallery but realising my mistake that it was only for  tea and cake that late in the day- they kindly made room for us at The Fountain restaurant below. It was old timey beautiful and pretty elegant- the dim light and fresh flowers on the table were very…ooh la la. I do wonder if they thought we were on some awkward Tinder date…

Anyway, as romantic as the setting was, we got down to the serious business of eating!


How cute is the bread basket?! Even the bread comes in a signature Fortnum and Mason basket. It might actually have been my most favorite part of the meal. Bread and butter- you can’t beat it! I had Corn Fed Chicken Breast with Parsnip Puree and Tarragon sauce and Luan had the Beer Battered Fish & Chips that had a tidy little lump of mushy peas with it. In keeping with the theme of Little Old Ladies Who Missed Lunch, we also ordered a jug of Fortnum’s Mint Refresher- ginger ale, fresh mint, sugar syrup and lemon juice- I do declare! I might have to recreate it at home, this drink would be amazing in summer.


Afterwards, we walked up to the Christmas Shop floor and had a quick browse before closing time. I made a new friend- very Don Draper don’t you think?  Can’t argue with a fellow tartan lover! The big bouquets of cinnamon sticks and dried fruit up here make it feel like you’ve stumbled into a workshop in the North Pole- not helped with the realistic fireplaces around every corner and tubs of beautiful trinkets and decorations.  I couldn’t resist standing for a proud and noble portrait by the fire…and then we were asked to leave (ok, it was closing time to be honest)

Oh Fortnum’s- you make me feel fine, fancy and festive. And alliterative.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

2 thoughts on “a Fortnum & Mason treat”

  1. I do love it in there this time of year, and your food looks so good!He does look very Don-esq! And as you say, who can resist a man in tartan? x


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