Behind the scenes-Christmas with Hotel Chocolat

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’ve been dying to share this with everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I gatecrashed a Brave Spark shoot with Hotel Chocolat. Well…I didn’t exactly gatecrash, Robin said I could come down and watch. So, once work was over, I made my way to Westfield in Stratford and generally got in everyone’s way.

Brave Spark were shooting a Christmas promo for Hotel Chocolat- What’s Inside the Gift Box? Magic , I reckon. Because Christmas is magic, and chocolate is magic, and sparkles and feathers and snow and ballerinas and toy soldiers and a GIANT gift box is magic. Brave Spark just had the enviable task of capturing the celebration on camera…

Here’s a few snapshots of the shoot!



A member of the public would volunteer to pull the bright red ribbon and watch in disbelief as a great big party celebration unfolded around them…

I slipped away after a couple of hours, shoving a custard tart at Robin’s face (what, you don’t have custard tarts lurking in your handbag too?) waved goodbye and plodded home exhausted. I mean…if I was exhausted, how did those poor performers feel?! It was an early start and even as I left at 8pm, they were still smiling and going through their routines…again…and again…

You can see the full video right here on Hotel Chocolat’s youtube channel.

I have a sudden urge to pirouette myself to the kitchen for some chocolate…

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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