Lunch at Foxlow | Farringdon

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]oxlow is a new restaurant recently opened by the same team behind Hawksmoor- my favorite go-to place for a nice bit of steak. I couldn’t wait for this place to finally open and having missed the launch, I booked us in for a Sunday lunch…

We shared the crispy five pepper squid for starters, Robin went with their Sunday Roast of smoke roasted beef rib and I couldn’t resist the ten hour slow smoked beef short rib with kimchi and a side of bacon salted fries.


It was delicious. The meat was so tender, it slid off the bone. The kimchi was an unusual but tasty accompaniment (the kimchi ketchup on the other hand, bleurgh) The stolen bites of Robin’s Sunday roast were goood. The beef was medium rare, with just the right shade of pink in the middle. The Yorkshire Pud was fluffy, the beef dripping potatoes were crispy and the sausage stuffed onion were all lip smackingly good. I had major food envy. But I also had the bacon salted fries so I guess we both won.

The service at Foxlow is friendly, our waiter patiently answering my questions. The only blip was that by the time we got to dessert, the restaurant had filled up- the kids at the next table were shouting, the couple next to us were waaaaay into my personal space and it was hard to get their attention.  In the end, we needed to run out and had to skip dessert. We didn’t kick up a fuss at all- but they still gave us a complimentary bag of salted caramel popcorn to take with us as an apology- how nice was that!

We walked the long way back to Farringdon station-I had forgotten all about the pockets of old worldy streets in this area.


That evening we were supposed to go to the Pixies gig in Hammersmith, but this cold got the best of me and it was instead spent with my head over a bowl of chicken and ginger soup! I always have had perfect timing when it comes to getting sick!

My plans for the day are to look into hand pie recipes (there is a packet of shortcrust pastry in the fridge dying to be used!) and to drink my weight in tea in order to get the upper hand of this cold before I’m back to work tomorrow!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

8 thoughts on “Lunch at Foxlow | Farringdon”

  1. I've been wanting to try Hawksmoor for ages – and now this place! Sounds like good customer service too (measured by how they handle their shortcomings definitely) which is always a plus. I don't go to that side of London all that often but I want to! x


  2. Oooh this looks good, I've been wanting to try Hawksmoore for ages, there are just too many restaurants!Shame about dessert, but that customer service was good! xx


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