a kitchen nook makeover

Bleurgh, you guys-I am currently covered head to toe in flecks of white and green paint- it’s all over my clothes and that satellite forehead of mine. I’m also pretty sure there is now a nest of spiders in my hair too. For some bizzare-oh reason, I thought I could bosh out a quick paint job in a day. Its now day two and I have only just finished, and I am STARVING.

Getting back on track, I’ve had it on my to do list for ages to update our kitchen- specifically our little breakfast nook. Off topic- why is it called a breakfast nook? In our case, it’s more of a dinner nook. Nook, schnook. Back to business- since we first moved in, in 2008, this little wall has been wall papered and painted…and now painted again. It was screaming for a makeover!


Here she is! Five years worth of recipe books, baking utensils, bowls, pans, cake tins…it was all a bit bonkers and needed reining in. This shade of paint was from Dulux, called Dusted Damson. Which I noticed was on sale at B&Q when I went in to buy some white paint to cover it all up! As anyone might notice on my Pinterest boards, I’m a little bit obsessed with all white interiors, with shades of grey and pops of colour. So Dusted Damson, you gotta go girl.


I picked a B&Q own brand of paint in Brilliant White. It wasn’t hideously expensive and I just wanted a nice, clean, bright white paint. Our kitchen is a weird rectangular shape and the only natural light that comes through is from the french doors leading to the garden. In the end I had to apply FOUR coats of paint to cover up the old colour. I managed to fit in 3 coats yesterday, let it dry overnight, and then did a final coat this morning.

For some contrast, I painted the back wall in grey- again a generic B&Q own brand of kitchen and bathroom paint, in Light Rain. It’s a very light grey colour- but not so light you can’t differentiate if from the rest of the wall.

PS, I know. I’m painting straight out of the tins. Bad painting practice! (I just couldn’t face cleaning up two paint trays)

Whilst the paint was drying, I headed outside to paint the fence. Remember when we had that storm a few weeks ago? We managed to get the fence fixed within the week and as I was in the middle of painting anyway, I thought I could squeeze this task in quickly. Here’s the before and after:


Now everything has been restored to its all encompassing Cuprinol forest green and the OCD in me can pipe down.

The worst part was trying to reach the fence through the bushes. The same bushes that homed at least 10 (possibly) fake widow spiders throughout the summer. I pushed that thought out of my head, because I was on a mission to get this done! Hence, possible spider nest in hair right now. I managed to finish it all in an hour, although I was smacked in the the face with a few branches. Honestly, I’ve been on jungle treks that were easier.

Once back inside- I finished up the final coat and tidied the edges. Look at all the space! Ahh…


I culled a few things and put the remainders back on the shelf. It’s all the stuff I actually use!


I can finally see and reach for my lovely cookbooks! I made a nice stack of bowls that I use on a regular baking basis, and my poor old Roberts radio actually has some room for once.


I think even the gremlin approves…

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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