How can you resist Minnie Mouse? I couldn’t…

1) I caved in and bought this Anna Sui for Asos Exclusive so I can carry a little Disney Magic with me wherever I go! No chapped lips for winter for me! It smells like roses and is a little greasy but all is forgiven with the pretty packaging.

2) I love the graphic t shirts that All Saints churn out. This one is next on my radar- an oversized fit with a simple, neutral graphic? Mine! I would recommend sizing down a couple of sizes- they really are oversized.

3) I’m not likely to get this, but if I could have my pick of items for the Isabel Marant for H&M collection, this winter coat would be on it. Oversized, grey, pockets- all checked. I did buy a scarily similar one from Zara for their Special Price offer of £29, which I’ve worn to death already!

4) ASOS again, those little clothing pixies. I was drawn to this Stussy like jumper. I can’t help it, I live in black during the winter months. At least this will keep me warm and has a pop of colour on the front!

5) Adorable initial rings from Urban Outfitters. I have an R initial and a heart, for Robin, because I’m a sap like that.

6) Another confession…I bought this too! I love smock dresses! They’re comfortable and can be winter friendly with a spanking good pair of tights. The ice grey print on this screams winter and BUY ME. So I did.

7) These boots are the reason I even contemplated queuing for the upcoming Isabel Marant H&M collection on the 15th. Elbows at the ready for those who are! Lazy bones like me will have the itchy trigger finger over the mouse online! Try ebay if you’re reaaaally into them.

8) When I can’t bring myself to stump up the moolah to buy a Diptyque candle, Anthropologie is my go-to shop for scented candles. I usually get one of the Capri candles, but instead I bought one of the Boulangerie ones- Pumpkin Souffle! It smells divine. Like Autumn and Winter and baking and cosy nights, mmm! It was a toss up between the Pumpkin Souffle, Oatmeal Cookie or the Whipped Cream and Pear. They aren’t overbearing scents- nice and delicate, just like most things in Anthropologie!

What’s on your winter wish list?

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

10 thoughts on “I WISH…”

  1. If there was a store I would love to be locked up in overnight, it would be Anthropologie in its gorgeous smelling, fluffy quilt, papier-mâché animal head glory. And Selfridges.


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