Ice Skating at Somerset House

You know the holidays are coming when Somerset House turns into an ice rink! At the end of a very busy week and what was a very rainy day, I wasn’t sure how successful this icecapade would be. Turns out, I worried for nothing! The rain stopped, the zamboni smoothed the ice down and the staff onsite couldn’t be more helpful swapping our shoes for skates and putting our bags away.


I confess, I was feeling a little cocky about my ice skating prowess. I’m a whizz on a pair of roller blades, how different could it be?

Turns out, very different.

We were more Bambi on Ice than Dancing on Ice.


After a wobbly start, our confidence slowly grew and we were soon whizzing around the rink getting braver and braver! Let’s just say it’s lucky I don’t drive the way I ice skate (if I drove at all, hah!)

There’s a kiddie rink where little ones can use Penguins for balance…sadly none were for adults. I would have loved to hold onto a human sized penguin to zoom around the ice with- Ismay had to step up to that job!

The smell of mulled wine wafts from the bar tent next to the rink and choooons were blasting through Somerset House so that for a split second you could pretend you were about to do a leaping spin in the middle of a gold medal winning performance. Only split seconds mind you, remember we’re still Bambis on Ice.


Skating and singing along to a Kings of Leon song, in the middle of gorgeous Somerset House lit up beautifully with a giant Christmas tree overlooking the rink= Friday night PERFECTION!

You can buy your ice skating tickets from the Somerset House website, I wish I had started going years ago. Now I understand what the fuss is about!

I was worried it would be chaotic but I was so impressed with how organised it is- the ice isn’t overcrowded with people, the skates were CLEAN, no one was grumpy…and I’m now excited for Christmas. I know it’s November, but I can’t help it. Just LOOK AT THE TREE!!



Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

8 thoughts on “Ice Skating at Somerset House”

  1. i love skating at somerset house! my friends and i went to the hyde park rink last year so we want to go to SH this year, except we're struggling to find a good date to go as the good ones are already sold out 😦 it has become so popular over the years! xMiho @ Wander to Wonder


  2. Ice Skating, yes!! We're not much into sports, but when christmas is here we always love to pay a visit to the skating on the city center of Barcelona. My dream has always been the Rockefeller center ring (who doesn't?) but that one on Sommerset House looks amazing!!


  3. awww…Somerset House always do a great job no matter what the season – open air cinema in summer, gorgeous skating in the winter! Skating is easy to come by here in Russia but I'm holding on for when the open air rink opens…something more magical about skating under the stars by a statue of Lenin 😉 Glad you had fun…makes me feel all festive reading about it!Grace


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