Sundays are increasingly becoming the only time we have the day to ourselves, so we got up early this morning and went to see Thor in 3D at the IMAX. The outside of the IMAX is so pretty- it’s a bit mad being surrounded by all these green alien vines in the middle of Waterloo. Buying popcorn at 11am definitely didn’t feel wrong at all either- right up my street! These Kanye West style 3D glasses they dish out however, are not…



Thor was everything I expected it to be- just good fun! And well. Hemsworth.

This getting up early malarky meant that once the film was over, there was still looooads of time to meander the city and get something to eat. Today was definitely a chilly reminder that winter is coming-the coat and wooly hat had to be brought out (I finally got my winter coat from Zara, on special offer at £29!) Like most Londoners, I walk in a hurry and on a mission. Get from A to B as fast as possible! So I wanted to make the most out of a gorgeous day and tried to look at things a little differently…


We made our way past the Royal Festival Hall, caught a peek of the London Eye and Big Ben, up along the Southbank, dodging through the crowds, and made it onto the bridge to catch this beautiful scene. If you ever wanted to capture that quintessential London landscape to take home, this is the spot. The London Eye overlooking Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. The cold weather and me are certainly never on good terms but this Autumn sunshine does wonders with the light…Once over the bridge, we took a different route towards Covent Garden and came across new shops and streets that I wouldn’t normally have bothered to notice had we not taken a detour. Plus, who doesn’t want to sit on a stranger’s front door step?


For all the Christmas humbugs out there, look away now. We’ve barely covered Halloween- yet as we cut up Bedford Street and approached the Piazza, we came across these early bird decorations…


Gorgeous, yes. But I’m still getting over my pumpkin fever and have yet to watch Hocus Pocus that I recorded earlier! “Booooo-ookkkk!”

I can’t keep up.

Giving up on ever getting through the Shake Shack queue, we went to every boy’s favourite chicken restaurant- Nando’s. Robin used the last of his gifted Nando’s card (yes, gifted. He likes it that much). I stocked up on American goodies at Cyber Candy. Buying Twinkies always seems like a good idea, especially now that they’re apparently extinct or something ridiculous…until you bite into one. Its like every chemical ever combined to fool you into thinking that the fake creamy cake is real. It’s not. It’s plastic and radioactive. I’m sure it’s how the Ninja Turtles were created. Naturally, I’ve eaten two.

My old enemy Manic Monday is creeping up- here’s to surviving the next week and making up Christmas lists!

*Have I really referenced the Bangles in this post?

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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