Flesh and Buns

Today was meant to be another lazy Sunday of mooching around and getting something to eat. We were going to grab some burgers, maybe stock up on American sweets at Cyber Candy and wander to the British Museum munching on said candy. That was the plan in my head anyway.

Nope. It wasn’t to be.

As soon as we stepped out of Covent Garden station (by the way, those lifts? *shudder*) little spots of rain were already starting to fall. Instead of heading to the Piazza to Shake Shack I decided to run towards Neal’s Yard, partly out of impatience to get away from slow walking tourists, partly to get a move on before the rain hit. Also to be honest, I was pretty embarrassed for loudly muttering the F word at a group of Italian tourists that pushed me into an already packed lift -straight into the arse end of the strange guy in front of me. Enjoyable! Anyway,  that’s when I spotted Flesh & Buns and decided it was a good detour. Shelter, check. Food, check. Somewhere I had been been meaning to try- boom!


Luckily, there wasn’t a queue since we arrived just after the lunch rush. We got some prawn tempura maki rolls and soft shell crab to start and then decided to have the duck with our steamed buns.


 The sushi was delicious, if a little bit on the small side, and I wish we had ordered more. The soft shell crab was crispy and hot- no gross sogginess here! So far, so good! Our order of flesh and buns arrived soon after, and when I took the lid off the basket, there were four cute little patties of glossy buns just waiting to be face planted. The duck meat was shredded for us,  and we were given another bowl of cucumber and lettuce to add to our DIY sandwich spread.


I was expecting the steamed buns to be like the Char Sui Baos you get at dim sum, so I was a little disappointed when the buns started to stick to my teeth. The duck was tasty but nothing to shout from the rooftop. I couldn’t help but wonder if we should have ordered the buns with some flat iron steak instead. Everyone has raved about the Smores for dessert, so I knew that we had to try it.



A stone fire pit is placed at the table and you’re given a plate with the marshmallows, green tea chocolate and crackers. All you have to do is pick up your marshmallows and toast them to taste! I like mine with lots of blackened, caramelised bits. Once its toasted, you sandwich it between crackers with the chocolate. It was fun, but again…only one Smore each? Come ooooon! Portion control you guys!

The green tea chocolate was a nice touch, but the flavour too subtle to really make any difference. Smores aren’t really a big thing in Britain- the kids at the table next to us asked their Mummy why were we toasting our tofu. The bill came to an eye watering £60, which is a little steep just for a quick lunch in my opinion! As Paul Hollywood likes to bleat every week at poor Frances on the Great British Bake Off, it’s style over substance.



This is the last photo I took before the heavens opened up and the rain battered down. I had the world’s smallest umbrella that was the same size as my head, fine for a great British drizzle, not so in actual downpour. People were shouting and screaming as they got caught in the rain- if there was ever a time for Mother Nature to shout “HEEEERE’S JOHNNY!” this was it. So we’re not meandering the streets of London munching on peanut butter M&M’s nor are we at the British Museum taking in some exhibitions. We’re at home, wet shoes drying on the radiator, with steaming mugs of tea.

Bah humbug.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

18 thoughts on “Flesh and Buns”

  1. It's nice having days out that have not been planned and just happen! (if that makes sense). This place looks good, really good! Love that you shared your honest opinion! was a very enjoyable read x


  2. i like your honest review – it definitely looks like the quantity is a little sparse for the price! still, i'd be curious to try it. it's miserable here at the moment isn't it…. if only we could hole up with blankets and PJs every single day xMiho @ Wander to Wonder


  3. I'm so glad you agree! I went to Flesh&Buns too (one of their opening nights) and I was *sorely* disappointed. We had 50% off our bill and it was still eye-watering considering the quality. The portion control is poor and it's just laughably overpriced considering soho is round the corner. High five to honest reviews, sister x


  4. Hehe. I went here last week and sooooo wanted one of those S'mores fire pits that I saw going by the table. Alas, it wasn't to be as we were too stuffed on sushi and buns… Hmm, maybe we ordered too much (quite likely knowing my greediness)! Love your blog by the way 🙂


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