There’s something about Polyvore that appeals to the OCD in me. Arranging pretty little items just so, and then sighing sadly knowing that you can’t buy it all at once. These are on my current wish list for the home…

1) I’ve always daydreamed about collecting vinyl and playing them on a record player while I gaze meaningfully at the ceiling. This pale blue suitcase one appeals too much to the girly girl in me… do NKOTB vinyl records exist? Because I would bust out some great moves to Step by Step if I had this.
2) The six drawer shelf would be perfect by the front door to dump all of our mail, keys, and spare change into (and to be honest, Leo’s toys)  I love that it looks distressed and a little beaten up. The UK Urban Outfitters is really stepping up their Homeware game lately.
3) The owl cookie jar from Anthropologie needs no explanation. It’s an Owl. That’s a Cookie Jar. AMAZING.
4) Also from Urban Outfitters is this yellow round cushion that I’ve had my eye on forever. They come in so many other colours and you can’t beat a pop of yellow! Sadly the US won’t ship this cushion internationally. WHHY?!
5) I would love to snuggle under a crisp white duvet with a giant deer printed across it. It’s winter epitomised into bedding! I bet even Santa would snore away under these sheets. There are a few other animal printed duvets from By Nord, but this deer one is by far my favourite.
6) More bird themed homeware from Anthropologie! Too cute to even let a crumb grace it!
7) I bought these transparent feather stickers from Rockett St George. They’re my go-to’s for the coolest home accessories. I’ve stuck these onto glass frames and I might get more. I sense a re-occurring bird theme happening and I’m not sorry!
8) If I had measuring spoons as cute as this, I would bake everyday. LITTLE MUSHROOMS! You kill me Anthropologie.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London


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