Sundays in Stoke Newington

On a beautiful day like today, it seemed wasteful to spend it at home so we jumped on a bus and made the quick 10 minute journey to Stoke Newington for a Sunday Roast and a bit of a stroll at Clissold Park. We had lunch at the Jolly Butchers- lamb with all the trimmings- for about a tenner each. Not bad!

wallpaperchurchstreet3clissoldhouseclissoldpark leavesswanlakechurchstreet2floristsbikeskittystencil

Church Street is full of kitschy shops, cafes and pubs and I love walking down here. I keep peering into the windows of estate agents hoping to glimpse a flat that is in our price range and isn’t a complete crack den. So far, no such luck. Unless you want to give me a million pounds. Anyone? Anyone? …Bueller…Bueller….

We walked our lunch off around the park (and after all those ginger biscuits from yesterday- I needed it) then had a little nose at Clissold House. Unfortunately it was booked out for Bonnie’s 1st Birthday. And that right there is probably the reason we can’t afford the neighbourhood. One year olds are having raging parties in beautiful Grade II listed buildings in the local park! Bah humbug.

We didn’t spy any deer and the birds in the aviary were all asleep- but we did spot Vod from Fresh Meat in the middle of her own Sunday stroll. Silver linings and all that. Also- who knew there were 2 lakes in the park! And lovely tennis courts, and a little skate area. Ah well- one day maybe!<

Hope everyone had their own lovely day in the sunshine!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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