Bluey Robinson and Delilah | Mastercard’s Priceless


On Thursday night,  Mastercard’s Priceless Music hosted an event at Under the Bridge in Fulham, with Bluey Robinson supporting the main act, Delilah. Free food, free wine, and free wifi for all those social media fiends! I have to say, Under the Bridge is an awesome venue- if in a pretty random place! Right next to Stamford Bridge Stadium. Or inside it. Who can tell! Once inside, you’d never realise it.

Mastercard did a wonderful job of keeping everyone fed and watered- I’m a sucker for those canapes! Mini bowls of chicken curry and mini baskets of fish and chips. Make anything miniature sized and I’m in heaven. I got the shock of my life when I paid for my drink- a pesky misplaced decimal point made my vodka and coke cost £65,000 (and it wasn’t even a double!) I nearly died. It got fixed super quickly. But still- died. Mastercard were also running a little competition to meet Delilah afterwards if you hashtagged #pricelessmusic in a Tweet. I tweeted a picture of my heart attack inducing receipt…obviously I did not get chosen.



Bluey’s half hour set covered Coming Back, I Know and Showgirl. He threw in a couple of covers too- Craig David’s Fill Me In, and everybody’s favorite Friday night jam,  Montell Jordan’s This is How We Do It.  My dancing shoes were itching to go!

Now, I had only ever heard one of Delilah’s songs before, Go, so I came to the gig with zero expectations- a blank slate. And I’m sorry…I wanted to be wowed, I wanted to love her -and the girl looks amazing and has a beautiful voice- but I didn’t love it. I thought she lacked the warmth and likeability that I’ve seen from other solo artists. The drama with the sound meant the momentum was up and down and I just disconnected with the performance.


All in all, it was a great evening. I felt thoroughly spoiled- so hey Mastercard, whoever ran last night’s event, give them a huge high five. If you want to hear more of Delilah’s music, you can check her youtube channel here

To hear more from Bluey, click here, tweet here, or you know…turn on MTV!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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