Adios Tenerife

Here we go- almost the last of the Tenerife series! We had just had been bowling and were walking off the burgers from dinner. We took a slow walk down by the seafront, eating ice cream and chasing after stray cats to pet. Just before we turned the corner towards home,  my sister and I ducked down a quiet street with the most striking blue wall, lined with cactus plants and rocks. That little freeze frame jump- what a risky little game!




Sadly, my Kate Moss x Topshop dress has been retired to the back of the wardrobe and everyone is bleeting on about Autumn approaching (weather crazy Brits!)  I just want it to be summer forever!

-Movie nights in the basement with popcorn

– BBQ’s on the terrace, overlooking the pool

– Drives up the mountain

– Walks along the beach

– Pink bougainvillea, everywhere

– Family dinners, every night

This has been the best getaway we’ve had in a ridiculously long time and I can’t wait to come back.

Here’s to being anywhere but here…I’m going to miss you Tenerife.

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Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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