The Boating Lake at Kew Gardens

I have this sinking feeling that the end of summer is just around the corner, so on this gorgeous sunny day we spent a few hours at the beautiful Kew Gardens. Also, there is a giant golden pineapple in the lake that I just couldn’t ignore. A giant pineapple under the sea- I mean, a lake- talk about a Spongebob Squarepants moment.

Despite having virtually ZERO rowing experience, apart from that one time we went to Northamptonshire but just sat in the boat and let someone else do all the work, we thought this would be a good idea. The tickets were £4.50…what could go wrong?


A quick pep talk from the very wise six year old girl in the queue (“if you get stuck, blow your whistle and someone will come get you”- WHO?) we wobbled onto a little rowing boat called Rambutan and were pushed off with a pair of 3D glasses for a ‘psychedelic’ experience. Apparently, this is the first time that the lake has ever had boats allowed onto it. Underneath the giant pineapple was a little tunnel you could row through and this is where the glasses came in handy- rainbows galore!  Upstairs may have been all about the pineapple, but down below was bananas. Not bonkers bananas, but the yellow fruit kind. Cutout bananas, banana scented air….yeah. I didn’t get the connection, but it was fun.

kewgarden10kewgarden9       kewgarden18

On dry land, we went to investigate up close and surrounding the fibre glass golden fruit were musical plants. If you touched a panel, that was somehow attached to a plant, it would make a noise.


This one tickled me the most. I touched it, but Chuck didn’t make an appearance.


We also went into the Glasshouse for a tropical experience. It was hot. Forget going to a sauna or even a spa. Just come here!


The higher up you went, the hotter it became. It was easily 35 degrees. My face melted but my pores look great. Despite being hotter than hell, this is actually my favorite part of Kew Gardens. The trees and flowers in here are absolutely stunning and it’s very easy to imagine being on holiday in Asia.


We spotted an Alice in Wonderland tea party from the windows up here-honestly not a hallucination- and ran out. I’m not going to lie, getting out of the Glasshouse and into the cool breeze was heavenly. We sat here at a giant table ready for Alice and the Mad Hatter…


After a quick picnic lunch of cous cous, donuts and peaches we explored the rest of the gardens. There was something in the banana air I tell you…


Giant mushrooms…


Giant pumpkins…


Giant badger holes…


You could spend the whole day here and hardly bump into anyone else- that’s how huge Kew Gardens is. We walked amongst giant Redwood trees, past Japanese gardens and more ponds and lakes. It’s a great place to escape the dirt and grime of the city. Even the air feels cleaner!


Secret doors guarded by unicorns…


It’s been a psychedelic green day and I’m not even sure it happened. I love Kew Gardens! Every time I’ve been, I see something completely different. There’s always something new that changes with the season- judging from the humongous pumpkins we came across, I have a feeling Autumn will have some amazing exhibitions!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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