Flat Iron | Soho

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m always happy to share my food. But steak? No. Not steak. Meat-gooood! London’s appetite for steak has blown up thanks to the popularity of Hawksmoor, Goodman’s and recently MASH, where you can rack up your bill to the hundreds- Flat Iron offers a much cheaper but just as tasty alternative. Like it’s name hints, Flat Iron serves just that- flat iron steak. So, to beat the Monday Blues, I paid this cool little steakhouse a hungry visit.


We put our names down as we arrived, recieved our handy little buzzer and walked downstairs to the basement bar to wait until our table was ready. Bare brick, rustic wood, vintage furniture…I was in homeware heaven! The bar offered a simple cocktail menu and I tried out a Julep- whisky, orange and rosemary syrup and lots and lots of ice! There was also a Strawberry, Basil and Earl Grey Collins (and we all know how I love me some Earl Grey!)

Then be still my heart!…doughnuts. They sold DOUGHNUTS behind the bar. Hot, doughy, pillowy, delicious doughnuts, oozing with the filling of the day (passionfruit custard)


10 minutes later (well, it was a Monday night…) our buzzer blew and we went upstairs and were led to our table. As is the fashion in new faux divey restaurants- you scoot up next to strangers at a table and awkwardly avoid bumping elbows. Especially if we’re all waving mini meat cleavers.

The friendly servers recommended the steak be cooked medium rare, which is lucky- that’s just the way I like it! And just to be even more excellent, everyone gets a complimentary cup of popcorn in a rustic vintage like mug. Popcorn, doughnuts, vintage…again these guys are killing me.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 14.08.15

Before I could start pinching the popcorn from the other diners, our food came. Quick doors.


The steak was served up on a stone slab, already perfectly cut. The mini cleaver…I die. I’m a sucker for gimmicks.

A steak and house salad is £10. Sauces are £1 and pretty generous considering…the peppercorn sauce I chose was thick, creamy, and peppery. Basically, perfect. A side of beef dripping fries is enough to share for 2 and at £2.50, a decent helping too. The meat was tender and true to their word- excellent medium rare.


So welcome to the neighbourhood Flat Iron! We’re going to be great friends

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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